From the depths of the New York City dance scene comes the nine piece disco inferno Midnight Magic. With ex-members Carter Yatusake, Morgan Wiley and W. Andrew Raposo of Hercules & Love Affair, the band has garnered a slew of fans from the DFA world. But what enhance their atmospheric sound of four-on-the-floor beats are Tiffany Roth’s magnificent vocals. And you hear this culmination of waving disco blend and Roth’s warm vocals in their new single “Diamonds.”  The horns, synths, and percussion all glide so effortlessly as Roth powerfully sings. If this is a sign of things to come, then “Diamonds” really makes a statement that disco ball will indeed be shining throughout their upcoming album.

    Their new album Walking The Midnight Streets will be released on their own label Midnight Sun Sounds. It will see light of day on November 13, 2012.