“Destination Unknown” F. The Grouch & Zumbi

    This latest leak from Eligh and Amplive’s upcoming joint album, Therapy at 3, is one of those instances where you can get a sampling of their work with their longtime collaborators. In the case of Eligh, “Destination Unknown” features his buddy/Living Legends cohort the Grouch. And for Amplive, his Zion I partner-in-crime Zumbi stops by for a guest verse. What makes this track even crazier collaboration-wise is that Zion I and the Grouch have actually made several albums together, too. It’s almost like playing the-seven-degrees-of-underground-California-hip-hop. But beyond the nerdery, “Destination Unknown” is just another example of why you need to peep Therapy at 3 when it drops Nov. 15. Stream and download the track below.