“Demons” (Diplo Remix)

    Diplo really, really likes Sleigh Bells. Back in January of last year, having spent a full 12 months chopping the track up, he released a remix of the noisy duo’s “Tell Em,” from their first album Treats. Earlier this year and coinciding with the release of their sophomore record Reign Of Terror, he then took them and black metal band Liturgy on a slash-and-burn tour of Florida. Today, on the same day that Sleigh Bells have released their visuals for the track, Diplo has dropped a remix of “Demons.” Ditching the verses, pushing Alexis Krauss’s chorus chants right up to the top of the mix and reinforcing the bassline, the producer turns the thrashy demon into a huge dance monster.

    Listen to Diplo’s remix of “Demons” by Sleigh Bells below. [Pitchfork]