“Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)” F. Andre 3000 (Video)

    I read somewhere that Lloyd’s “Dedication to My Ex (Miss That)” attempts to do for the word “pussy” what Cee-Lo Green did for the word “fuck” with “Fuck You.” And like Cee-Lo, Lloyd was faced with how to properly censor the track without losing its bite. Solution: take out “pussy” and stick “lovin'” in its place. And just like that, Lloyd should have a hit on his hands here with “Dedication to My Ex.”

    Its above video rocks the same throwback soul vibe of the track itself and features Wayne fucking Brady filling in for Lil Wayne’s intro and ad libs. Oh, and Andre 3000’s verse remains intact, though he apparently couldn’t make it to the video shoot. So who better to film in for Three Stacks than…a cat? We get it, Lloyd. Pussy. Cat. Lulz.

    Lloyd’s King of Hearts is out now.

    [Rap Radar]