“Decisions” f. Yuksel Arslan

    It’s starting to seem common for an upcoming act’s music to be described as having an R&B influence, even if you can’t hear it all in the music. This is definitely not the case for Brooklyn/Germany act How to Dress Well, who you might remember for their cover of Ready for the World’s “Let Me Love You Down.” Now the group has their 4th ep, Can’t See My Own Face – The Eternal Love 2” coming out, and they’re streaming a new track from it, “Decisions,” featuring Turkish Artist Yüksel Arslan. The track sounds like Maxwell took too many Tylenol 4 and started crawling down Rainbow Road towards… winning Mario Kart, duh. This is how you trip out some R&B. [Friendship Bracelet]



    decisions feat. yüksel arslan by howtodresswell