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Death Grips: "I've Seen Footage"

There's really no beating around it; as Pitchfork points out, Death Grips' awesome new track is going to remind you of Salt-n-Pepa's "Push It." But that's cool, because even though it's the most pop-friendly track we've heard from the experimental rap trio's upcoming album The Money Store, its lyrics stay centered on the crazed:

armored cop open fire glock
on some kid who stepped so
fast was hard ta grasp
what even happened til you seen dat head blow
off his shoulders in slow mo
rewind that, is so cold
rewind that, is so cold

"I've Seen Footage" is the fourth song released from Store, which is out April 24 via Epic. You can listen and download the track below. [P4K]

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Death Grips

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