“Dead And Gone” ft. Justin Timberlake (Grammys 2009 – Video)

    T.I. may not have walked with many Grammys (he won for "Swagga Like Us" which he performed with a posse that included M.I.A.) but he was all over the telecast, performing twice, including this performance of Paper Trail‘s "Dead And Gone" featuring Justin Timberlake.


    Considering a lot of the performances were kept short, it’s surprising that the producers would allow JT and T.I. to perform for nearly five minutes, but I guess when you have one of the biggest selling artists in the last ten years doing a hook for a new-ish single by one of the biggest rappers out right now, you make concessions. The Stomp-esque plastic pail drummers were a nice touch.


    But I felt like the "Road To Redemption" part was kind of tacky, especially since that serves as a promotion for T.I.’s reality show. But it fits with T.I.’s story arc (and sort of furthers it for the at-home audience), so I can’t be too mad.  [World Star Hip-Hop]



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