“Dazees” (Prefix Premiere)

    Ready for a journey through space? No? Well you better be if you’re going to check out this latest track from Datahowler’s forthcoming Slowdrifter album. The fully instrumental project features more than 20 instruments, all of which he played, blended together to form a science fiction-inspired romp through hip-hop, downtempo, and other genres.


    Displaying those qualities perfectly is “Dazees,” the second single from Slowdrifter that features absolutely no samples. Yes, those warped vocals you hear throughout the track aren’t lifted from obscure record or anything like that. The same goes for everything else layered here. Actually, here’s a list of every damn tool Datahowler used in making the track that he said was “made with lots of love” —  guitar, Korg Polysix, Roland Juno G, vocals, piano, bongos, bass, claves, wood blocks and triangle. I could suggest the you get lost in a haze of trying to identify everything as it’s used on here, but you should probably just sit back, close your eyes, and take a mental trip to space instead.


    Stream “Dazees” below. Slowdrifter is due out Jan. 25 and you can support its release over at Datahowler’s Kickstarter page.


    Dazees by Datahowler