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David Dallas: "Sideline" F. Che Fu (Video)

Harlem-by-way-of-New Zealand resident David Dallas is back with another promotional push behind his very good (and free) May release, The Rose Tint. Like many other cuts on the album, the Che Fu-assisted "Sideline" is upbeat and inspirational without ever sounding corny or forced. The same goes for the track's video, which properly displays Dallas as the extremely personable, down-to-earth dude heard in his raps. It's just the MC and his soulful pal Che Fu chilling in various locales, from a stoop in the middle of a city to a waterfall in what might be his native country. If you are looking for a means of brightening your day, "Sideline" is your cure.



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David Dallas

Simply said the freshest sounding hip hop in his own style to come around in a long time...I get inspired every time I hear The Rose Tint songs simply amazing....Life is, Sideline, Take a Picture, Say Yeah and Dream, are just the kind of songs to kick back to....Big up to the Tint Squad x He is so down to earth and tries to keep things real and authentic true to his roots and thats what impresses me the most about him...his values and whats important to him...

amanda dinan

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