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Damian Marley, Nas: "As We Enter"

Distant Relatives -- the joint album by Nas and Damian Marley -- has been pushed back time and time again. And there was even the rumor late last year that it was canceled. But this duo's record appears to be actually coming together, with a release date set for April 20. A snippet of "As We Enter" appeared on the web last summer but now the full version is here. I can't imagine every track on the album will be like this with Nas and Marley trading bars, though I can certainly dream. The whole "passing the microphone" aesthetic happens too rarely these days. And it doesn't hurt that the beat, driven by slightly distorted bass and organs, is fresh, too.


You can stream "As We Enter" at 2DopeBoyz.

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Damian Marley

great track !

i really hope NAs is at MArleyFest again this year!!!
i finally got to see them bOth perform Road toZion together last~
i need to feel them and see them with my very eyes again,
ive nevr needed so much hope n encouragement before.
this year shook, scorned, hurt n threw me down like a tidal wave.
i know they wont let me down!

jah bless n OneLOVE for iver <3

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