“Curtains” (Video)

    What do I know about music from France… Air, M83, Phoenix – umm – Gainsbourg, and that about sums it up. Well, I did hear this newish band called Team Coast last year, led by the former member of M83. After listening to Nicolas Fromageau’s moody project, no wonder he left behind one of the most prominent “indie” acts of recent years. Team Ghost is not a total rebellion against the breezy sun-soaked synth pop of Fromageau’s previous association, but a darker and rockier reflection. Even when the guitars dominate the Parisian quintet, the synth always lurks underneath, generating dark atmospherics where shadows and fog plays with one’s perception. In the “Curtains” music video, this portrait of the Team Ghost’s sound is translated visually – a woman’s hair could be a thing of eldritch beauty.