Curse The Night (Video)

    Danish post-punk duo The Raveonettes have revealed their brand new video for “Curse the Night,” from their September release, Observator. The video, directed by fellow Danes and filmmakers, Storm/Hansen, has a rather hip group of children–led by a pair of little drummer boys–prowling the streets at night and engaging in armed robbery. Two parts whimsy, one part macabre: The Raveonettes’ secret style potion.

    Here’s a statement from the band about the video-making process, including their cast of pint-size actors:

    We had very specific ideas about almost everything in the video. From props to costumes to casting. We saw about 50 children before we decided on our posse of seven. The kids (and their parents) were amazing. None of them had been up later than midnight before and now they all had to stay awake till 5 am – several school nights in a row. Fortunately they thought the whole thing was a blast and unlimited sodas and candy can create a lot of insane energy.

    The Raveonettes are currently touring UK and Europe through February 2013. Visit their website for more information.