Crystal Frontier (MP3)

    Many bands claim to be "out of this world", but very few can claim that as legitimately as Tex-Mex indie rockers Calexico now can. On their way to the International Space Station, the crew of the Discovery Shuttle woke up to the Calexico song "Crystal Frontier" off the band’s 2001 B-side collection Even My Sure Things Fall Through. The song was selected by Gabrielle Giffords, wife of Shuttle commander Mark Kelly and Democratic congresswoman for Calexico’s native Tuscon, Arizona. Since this is almost certainly the first Touch & Go song to be played outside the Earth’s atmosphere (though rumor has it Shellac’s 1998 Terraform has radio frequencies that can be heard in other galaxies)*, Touch and Go is giving out the track for free on its website. The carefully-placed synths do give it an otherworldy feel, though that may only be in context.


    *Not actually a rumor.