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Crystal Castles: "Baptism" (Live On Kimmel) (Video)


The frantic and often violent live shows of Crystal Castles may not make for an easy transition to the stifling environment of the late night TV talk show circuit, but the band made a decent fist of it on Jimmy Kimmel’s show last night (Dec. 9). This version of “Baptism” from their second record finds Alice Glass jumping up on the drum kit and delving deep into her deranged little-girl-lost act, but the mix isn’t great, and the crowd is barely responsive, making it look like a frustrating affair for all involved.

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Crystal Castles

2:50: there is a grown man literally cowering in fear of Alice Glass. As he should.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Arabacus/henry-inman-xx-a-gentleman-of-the-wilkes-family-1838jpg.jpg Arabacus

I just wanted to express my deep hatred for this band. They found some drunk hipster to play drums. The singer, Alice, looks like drunk muppet screaming and whispering, trying to act like a tortured rock star... and the sampler guy, pushing buttons on his iPod making 8-bit noises... wow. This is not groundbreaking, genius, or original. They should be locked up in their rehearsal space forever. F#ck this band!


Sorry Beffknob but Christina Aguilera was already booked...


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