On the heels of their highly anticipated — but, admittedly tepidly received — latest full-length LP Centipede Hz, experimental pop stalwarts Animal Collective will release the “Applesauce” single on Nov. 12 in the UK and Nov. 13 in the US.

    “Crimson,” the single’s B-side, is another Avey Tare-fronted non-album cut from the group — and much like Animal Collective’s pre-Centipede Hz single, “Gotham,” the minimalistic restraint of “Crimson” showcases the band’s ability to create beautifully introspective songs without relying on a multitude of samples, loops and otherwise distracting sonic elements. It’s the kind of tune that hints at what Centipede Hz might have been if AnCo ditched the LP’s chaotic atmosphere in favor of this relaxed, dreamy tone.

    The “Applesauce” single will be available on 10″ vinyl, as well as in digital formats. Preorder the vinyl version via Domino Records.