“Crazy/Forever” and “Heart Sweats” (Live on KEXP) (Video)

    Japandroids’ Post-Nothing is one of the most enjoyable debuts of 2009. It mixes up the melodic post-punk of ‘90s bands like Helium and Poster Children with the furious energy of fellow two-piece guitar-drums-vocals outfit No Age. Japandroids recently stopped by the KEXP studios,where they performed “Crazy/Forever” and “Heart Sweats” from the album.

    The latter is their standout track, with its great “ooooh” chorus and some impressive guitar flailing from singer Brian King. Japandroids’ live shows are supposed to be chaotic and sweaty, and New Yorkers will get a chance to see them play one of their biggest concerts to date when they perform at the Siren Festival on July 18,