“Crap” F. Left Brain

    Along with recording the next MellowHype release, MellowHype Numbers, with Left Brain, Odd Future’s Hodgy Beats is apparently prepping a new solo mixtape. And Rock/Slab will showcase more than just his sometimes-overlooked skills on the microphone. Hodgy is also working on sharpening his talents as a producer. He’s behind the beat on the tape’s first leak, the fantastic/inaccurately titled “Crap,” which features an opening verse from Left Brain.

    It almost seems fitting that Left Brain would appear on here, given the fact he produces a majority of their MellowHype material. Although once you hear “Crap,” it becomes clear that Hodgy must be more involved in the beat-making process for MellowHype than we all previously thought. It’s also clear that Left Brain’s starting to find his legs as a rapper. Stream “Crap” below.