“Cousins” (Stream)

    It’s arguable that Vampire Weekend has had to deal with the most violent hype backlash in the indie world since Is This It? Although the Strokes’ follow-up, Room On Fire, didn’t garner the same hype as their debut, it was still a remarkably solid album in its own right. It seems like the same dynamics may again be in play for Vampire Weekend. With each subsequent snippet of the upcoming Contra that leaks to the masses, it becomes apparent that the album will be just as engaging for fans of the self-titled debut as it will be divisive for those who couldn’t stand it. The recorded version of “Cousins” sounds like “Oxford Comma” run at about twice the speed, with machine-gun snare shots and hastily strummed guitar runs, as Ezra Koenig’s voice explodes with energy. It’s about as close to punk as people who wear sweater vests can get. “Cousins” will be released as the second single, with B-side “California English, Pt. 2.” [Stereogum]