“Cotton Flower”

    As a tribute to the late Famous Class label partner Ariel Panero, the Brooklyn-based label started the Less Artist More Condo series of 7″s. The series’ title comes from the concerts that Ariel threw, which shared the same name. 

    The driving force behind the concert series was giving emerging artists the recognition they deserved, and this concept still rings true on the records. For each LAMC 7″ split, Famous Class asked one of its favorite bands to contribute an unreleased track for its A-side and asked the band to choose its favorite emerging artist to provide the B-side. 

    The latest installment features Future Islands‘ dreamy new song, “Cotton Flower.” The track’s imagery is pretty straight forward, as Samuel T. Herring croons about holding a bulb of cotton up to the sun and getting lost in its strange beauty while sitting in a field with someone you love. The subject matter and instrumentation make this an ideal summer track. The Baltimore-based trio chose Ed Schrader’s Music Beat to supply its B-side.

    The 7″ is slated for a July 11 release. Listen to “Cotton Flower” below.