“Constant Conversations” (Video)

    Passion Pit’s new album Gossamer has been getting a lot of attention lately as it builds on the band’s pop-friendly buzz with some darker streaks. Some of that darkness could be due to lead singer Michael Angelakos, who’s recently opened up about his fragile mental state (the band has in fact cancelled tour dates this summer due to Angelakos’s health).

    “Constant Conversations” is a nice relative to their monster-hit “Sleepyhead”; whereas the latter traded in the exuberance of fizzy youth, the former is the late night/early morning comedown. The video fits this feeling perfectly, showing Angelakos wandering somewhat dead-eyed through a party where lust abounds. Director Peter Bogdanovich (known for the lustful The Last Picture Show) makes a cameo. Watch it unfold below.