“Constant Conversations” (Little Daylight Remix)

    Passion Pit has always been a band that just screams “remix,” and as expected, there have been a slew of reworked Passion Pit tracks since they released their debut album, Manners, in 2009.

    “Constant Conversations” is the third single from the Massachusetts electropop outfit’s highly anticipated sophomore effort, Gossamer, which was released this past July. The song features a slower, soulful vibe from Michael Angelakos and his Pit crew, reminiscent of a lot of favorites from the now defunct As Tall As Lions.

    “Constant Conversations” recently got reworked by Little Daylight and the results display a little more of an 80’s upbeat rhythm, breathing new life into the Passion Pit single without too much of a departure from the original. With a catchy synth line and more intricate percussion than the source, fans will surely enjoy Little Daylight’s take as much (if not more) than the original Summer jam.