‘Consignment: Favor For A Favor’ (Mixtape)

    Detroit hip-hop just keeps on winning and it doesn’t look like the city’s varied, albeit cohesive, scene isn’t going to let up soon. The latest Motor City torch carrier to land on our radar is Boldy James, a tough-talking spitter with a whole hell of a lot to say. Dude filled his latest project, the Consignment: Favor for a Favor, the Redi-Rock Mixtape, with 26 new tracks. The lengthy project features production from a diverse and talented cast of producers, including Skywlkr, Black Noise, Blended Babies, M. Stacks, and Chuck Inglish, of the Cool Kids. What are you waiting for? Download the mixtape here. You might just have a new favorite rapper by the time you’re done listening. [FADER]