“Congratulations” And “The Handshake” (Live On Kimmel) (Video)


    Here’s the thing: if you sign to a major label and attempt to release an album that isn’t considered “commercial,” then you can expect to make a lot of appearances in places that you’re not exactly comfortable with in order to promote it. Thus, we’ve seen MGMT hawking Congratulations on just about every talk show in the land, and so it was last night (Oct. 18) with this performance of the title track from that record.


    Whether this will squeeze a few more sales out of the album is anyone’s guess, but it’s already established that the boys are being coerced into something a little more mainstream next time out, so perhaps this will be the last time we’ll see their top hats and goggles under the Bud Light signs of Jimmy Kimmel’s show. As a sweetener, they returned to that first record with a performance of “The Handshake” (below).