“Coming Home” & “Ass On The Floor” f. Dirty Money (Live On SNL) (Video)


    Let’s be honest: The best part of these videos of Dirty Money and Diddy performing on SNL this weekend is Robert Deniro (who was in Raging Bull and Little Fockers!) having to say “Diddy Dirty Money” and then stand there awkwardly. Just the best. I mean, he was in Taxi Driver and now he’s introducing the shitty rap songs of Notorious B.I.G.’s notorious friend, who apparently decided pre-performance to not really rap but instead to whisper his vocals. Just think, Meet the Fockers to this. Also, Swizz Beatz. The answer to what you will do for a paycheck is “anything!” Remember when Kanye was on SNL and broke ground in performances of rap music? This is not that!