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Com Truise: "Cathode Girls"

After he re-issued his Cyanide Sisters EP earlier this year, New Jersey's Com Truise began prepping his full-length debut for Ghostly International. The album, which is appropriately titled Galactic Melt, is still a little far away with a July release date. But he has begun to give us a taste of what's to come on the project with "Cathode Girls," which opens with a welcoming blend of synthesizer chords and a bustling bass line. From there, though, the track takes off in several different directions before the various synth strokes converge for a mini-freak out of sorts. I feel like music like this -- read: well-composed instrumental cuts -- usually sound better within the context of the album. But "Cathode Girls" definitely stands well on its own, which is a true testament to Truise's songwriting.


Galactic Melt drops July 5. Stream the track below.


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Com Truise

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