“Cold Nites” (Pete Swanson Remix)

    Tom Krell recently released Total Loss, the sophomore effort from his indie R&B brainchild How To Dress Well. “Cold Nites” was the second single to surface from the album and is one of its strongest and more approachable tracks displaying Krell’s crooning falsetto over what can only be described as a sensual slow jam akin to the works of Frank Ocean and The Weeknd. 

    It’s been merely a week since Total Loss‘s Sept. 18 release and it has already seen some reworks; this time by Pete Swanson of the now defunct electronic duo Yellow Swans. Swanson manages to take this slow-burning gem and drag it out even further, adding static noise and a dollop of drama to accompany Krell’s bedroom pop vocal approach. Close your eyes and get entranced by the remix below.