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Clipse, The Roots: "Grindin'" (Backstage at Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon) (Video)

Questlove, known both for his prolific tweeting and drumming for the Roots, just posted this clip of the Clipse performing "Grindin'" backstage this morning at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The Thornton brothers are the musical guest tonight so this was apparently part of their rehearsal. It's not clear which track they will actually perform. Here's hoping they choose to tackle a medley with the Roots? It's more likely they will do a single off Til The Casket Drops, though, such as "I'm Good" or "Popular Demand (Popeyes)."


Tonight won't be the first time The Roots have linked up with the Clipse. According to the soundboard rip in my iTunes, they collaborated during a concert on Sept. 27, 2007, in Norfolk, Va., during which they performed "Ride Around Shining," "Grindin'" and "Mr. Me Too."


Check back tomorrow (or watch Late Night tonight) for a clip of their performance.

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The Roots

Cool video. I particularly like the end, when ?uest walks to his drum kit.

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