“Cliche” (Prod. The Knux)

    STS, hell a lot of rappers in general, will have a hard time topping his previous leak from The Illustrious. “The Interview” featured the quick-tongued rapper introducing himself in song form by running through his life up until the day the track was recorded with the Alchemist. Rappers have spit lyrics about themselves since the genre was birthed, but it’s rare that it’s been both that revealing and that well executed. With that in mind, you kind of already knew that “Cliche” wasn’t going to top its predecessor, but that doesn’t mean it’s not almost just as fresh. Right from the jump, STS uses the Knux’s production to have some fun and shit on every hip-hop cliche in the book, from the stanky leg to name-dropping Dr. Dre to describing how high and drunk he gets. Damn, The Illustrious keeps sounding better and better.


    You can stream the track here or below.


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