“Claws Overhead” (Prefix Premiere) (Video)

    Warm Ghost – Claws Overhead from Andy Devlin on Vimeo.


    On Warm Ghost’s Facebook page, the dream-pop duo of Paul Duncan and Oliver Chapoy place themselves within the genres of experimental pop and “psychedelic John Hughes.” And for me to argue against that self-proclamation of style would not only be silly, it would be downright stupid. Because, give or take a few synthesizers, that is about as close to their sound as you can get, particularly the John Hughes note.


    With that in mind, yes, Brooklyn’s Warm Ghost loves to get all ’80s-referencing in their approach. But they’re also pretty damn psychedelic, which director Steven Grise clearly heard when putting together these visuals for “Claws Overhead.” His vision is one that is heavy on washed-out scenes of female silhouettes and mouths bleeding into one another. As such, the video ends up being equal parts sex and psych; a sort of acid trip for lovers, if you will.


    “Claws Overhead” appears on Warm Ghost’s Uncut Diamond EP, which is out now on Partisan Records. Their new album is due out Sept. 27.