“Clang Of The Concrete Swans”

    Why doesn’t Comet Gain get more love? The UK outfit has been pumping out prickly post-punk, bubbly indie-pop and even anthemic R&B on the occasion for almost 20 years. They’ve dropped LPs on all the right labels – Beggers Banquet, Kill Rock Stars and now What’s Yr Rupture? They even get good reviews most of the time. And look at that photo, they’re adorable! For whatever reason, though, they often fly under the radar when discussing seminal UK rock. Think about it, when was the last time you saw a Comet Gain sticker on the back of a Mini Cooper next to the obligatory Smiths sticker?  Try never.

    Approaching their music more as a way of life than an artistic endeavor, Comet Gain continues to persevere to the delight of those who have been paying attention all these years. Now they are back with a new album Howl of the Lonely Crowd and have dropped the album’s opener “Clang of the Concrete Swans” for free download. The track channels Springsteen with less 1980s New Jersey cheese and throws in some pop in the vein Television Personalities for good measure. Over a high-end keyboard and jangling guitars, lead singer David Feck sings out “Let our hearts be heard” with youthful genuineness.

    If this song is any indication, the new LP might be the indie-rock sleeper of the year. Or better yet, finally earn them the recognition they deserve.

    Clang Of The Concrete Swans by What’s Your Rupture?

    Howl of the Lonely Crowd is out via What’s Yr Rupture? on Oct. 4.