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Clams Casino: 'Clams Casino' (Mixtape)

Have you ever listened to, say, Lil B's "Motivation" or "Realist Alive" and wondered just who exactly was behind the spacey, gorgeous beats? Well, his name is Clams Casino and he's just released this self-titled mixtape that compiles some of his best work. The New Jersey-based producer has a knack for blending ambient sounds, minimalist drums, and well-placed samples. And they all come together to make those aforementioned tracks and others like the Janelle Monae-sampling "Cold War" so enjoyable. This mixtape is basically for those of you who can't stand the rappers Casino tends to work with or for those of you who just love his beats.

Download the free mixtape here.

P.S. Huge props to fellow Prefix writer Craig Jenkins for pointing this one out.

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Clams Casino

Swag indeed.

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link is broken


looks like this link is working

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