“Civilization’s Dying”(Zero Boys Cover)

    The Hives haven’t put out a new record since 2007 and their relevance has long tailed off (remember when they played the VMAs?), but the Swede punkers are getting back in the studio to start recording their fifth full-length. But a funny thing happened:[more:] While they were laying down some covers in order to shake off the rust, they decided they liked the songs so much they wanted to release them–and why not! Music makes the world go around, right? The three-songs EP of covers entitled Tarred and Feathered will come out digitally on July 2, and as their tounge-in-cheek Myspace post asks, “Is it a desperate act of idol worship, or are we witnessing the fruit of lame work ethic and laziness?” 


    One of the songs is The Zero Boys’ “Civilization’s Dying,” a loud-and-fast burner about how everything’s going to shit. The Hives don’t do much to change it other than swapping out the original’s nasal register for Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist’s brash yelp, but were you expecting anything else? Punk begets punk, and the Hives know what they do best.


    Listen over at Spinner.