“City Lies” (Prefix Premiere)

    Photo by Adrien Ordorica


    In 2008, Alex Koons and Fabian Ordorica decided to form a band while both working at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Sounds Studios. Taking inspiration from the daily struggles of living in the City of Angels, the duo put a melody to its woes and wrote shimmering synth pop accompaniment. Thus, LexiconDon was born.

    Since that fateful day four years ago, the band acquired a third member, released a well-received debut album and has been touring the country. The three-piece is currently working on its sophomore record via Binary, and in the meantime has released a few singles.

    Today we are excited to premiere the group’s latest single, “City Lies.” The track features heavily pedal-affected guitar riffs, romping drum machines and stabbing keyboards with Koons airy vocals weightlessly floating atop as he sings “People are meant to change / Life never stays the same / Even the city will lie.”

    Listen to “City Lies” below.