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Chromeo: "I Could Be Wrong" f. Ezra Koenig

To celebrate today's Business Casual release, Chromeo have leaked a duet with Ezra Koenig called "I Could Be Wrong" that didn't make the album. The song is pretty fun; Koenig sounds like he's having a blast getting to play the loverman role. And how could you not have fun on a song with a seriously cheesy sax solo? And then there's a spoken word discussion in there too. Best New Fun Song, here, basically. Go to Pitchfork to hear it.  

Kanye West - "Runaway" f. Pusha T (Official Version) Florence + The Machine "Heavy In Your Arms" (Video)

Dear Andrew,

Leave the cutesy little jokes to someone else. You can't just pretend to be a funny writer. It's a skill. Please stop trying to imitate other bloggers. Love this site but the shtick is getting old.

Jim Breadbone

Maybe it's time to move on, then..

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