“Choices” F. Action Bronson

    Asher Roth does some of his most impressive work over Blended Babies instrumentals; Pac Div’s “Useless” is one example. Here, he and equally breathless rapper Action Bronson spit dense, practiced rhymes over a rubbery funk beat fit for any quicker-than-average jog. Roth references David Duchovny twice in one line and Bronson is still rapping his grocery list. At one point, Bronson tells us to “choose wisely,” but that’s as explicit as this track gets to recalling its title. Presumably off Roth’s Pabst & Jazz mixtape (or at least from its sessions), dropping Dec. 20, this is another recent reminder that the Morrisville, Penn. rapper has evolved considerably since 2009’s Asleep In the Bread Aisle. You can listen to and download “Choices” below.