“Chocolate” (Prefix Premiere)

    The 1975 had mysterious beginnings. They dropped an EP called Sex (something that Prince should have done a long time ago, but that’s a quibble for a different day), and another EP called Facedown, without revealing much information about themselves. Then more gaps were filled in: the four members hail from Manchester, England, and they’re all in their early twenties, yet have been playing music together for half their lives.

    Now comes “Chocolate,” a midtempo track with a John Mayer-via-U2 guitar riff and a sneaky way of getting you to wiggle around in the drivers seat—the kind of sexy, loose song that makes carefree college girls go nuts. The 1975 performed “Chocolate” live for BBC Radio 1’s Future Festival, and if anything, the performance shows that the band can snag some serious fans this side of the Atlantic soon. This track is off their upcoming EP, the aptly-titled Music For Cars, out March 5 on Vagrant. Listen to “Chocolate” below.