Extremely excellent British band Yuck is back with a brand-new, extremely excellent single, “Chew.” And it sounds sort of different from their other stuff! But not too different, so don’t get worried. They’re still firmly in the fuzzy ’90s rock vein which they mined so well on their debut self-titled album last year, but they’ve really honed in on the  Siamese Dream-era Smashing Pumpkins vibe here (with a bit of Okay Computer guitar at the end), giving the track a little bit of a spacier vibe than their earlier work. “Swirling,” is I think the word 1990s rock journalists used.   Also, the chorus is “We chew it together,” which is a little bit of an off-putting mental image. 

    Yuck is playing Coachella next week, and then going on a short California tour. I’ve seen them live, and it’s definitely worth checking out. Stream “Chew” below

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