“Cheree” (Suicide Cover) (Prefix Premiere)

    Photo: Anthony Gerace

    The first thing you notice about Prince Innocence‘s cover of Suicide’s 1977 classic “Cheree” is that, instead of Alan Vega, it’s a girl singing. That girl is Talvi Faustmann, who–along with Josh McIntyre–is one half of the Canadian minimal synth duo. When Faustmann begins with the first “Cheree, Cheree,” the track instantly opens up to embrace the unemphasized melody of the original, taking it from a cool, Lou Reed-ian spoken word piece and making it a gentle reflection of that instead.

    The two keep Suicide’s instrumental in check, too, not tripping themselves up by trying to pull things from the song that aren’t there. In short, Prince Innocence stay true to the basic formula behind what’s made “Cheree” stick in peoples’ minds over the years, and they do so with a kind of admirably quiet praise. Take a listen and enjoy the duo’s take on the song below.