“Cheerleader” (Live on Fallon) (Video)


    During their performance on Jimmy Fallon last night, Grizzly Bear could have gone the easy route and performed the crowd pleasing “Two Weeks” or “While You Wait for the Others.” Instead, they performed Veckatimest deep cut “Cheerleader,” a ruminative, four-part harmony exercise in mellow. I’m not sure if that’s the song to please late night audiences, but they’ve never done it on a late night show, and it is, in some ways, more representative of the album.


    It’s kind of weird to see Grizzly Bear surrounded by teenage girls who look uninterested; thanks to Nick’s report on Sonic Youth, I now know you can actually request tickets for certain musical guests/nights, which would indicate either the girls to the right of the band thought Grizzly Bear meant an actual bear, or their parents pulled them strings to get on the band bench without paying attention to who was playing.


    Veckatimest is out now.