“Cheap Sunglasses” F. Slug (Prefix Premiere) (Video)

    When we previously heard from Awol One, he was collaborating with Fake Four Inc. labelmate Factor on experimental rap album The Landmark. Since then, the West Coast rapper has set his sights on a different sound: electro-infused hip-hop courtesy of 3OH!3’s Nathaniel Motte. Their collaboration might not sit right at first considering Awol’s catalog filled with challenging backpacker albums and Motte’s work with Katy Perry, Ke$ha, and 3OH!3. But, somehow, the rapper and producer have found common ground on their joint album, The Child Star.


    Awol’s drunken flow helps lessen the chest-thumping impact of Motte’s bouncy production, particularly on latest single “Cheap Sunglasses.” Guest rapper Slug, of Atmosphere, brings ample charisma to the track and serves as a great complement to his host’s low-key delivery. That remains true in these visuals for “Cheap Sunglasses” that Awol actually animated himself. Some of the scenes might be a little gross your lunch hour, but they remain sharp throughout as you follow the travels of two rappers making their way in a futuristic city.


    The Child Star is out now digitally on Fake Four Inc. while physical copes are due out Aug. 16.