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Charli XCX: "Cloud Aura" F. Brooke Candy

Witchy British singer Charli XCX will release the Super Ultra Mixtape — the follow-up to her wildly popular Heartbreaks and Earthquakes mixtape released earlier this year.

"Cloud Aura," the first cut to be released off Super Ultra Mixtape, features the hip-hop stylings of Brooke Candy — that weird, 90s neofuturistic rave Internet scenester from Grimes' "Genesis" video. The track is a notable deviation from Charli XCX's usual chilled out electrogoth fare, with Charli's overly processed vocals taking a backseat to Candy's almost comical lyrical interpolations. 

Super Ultra Mixtape will be released through Charli XCX's website on Nov. 7. Check out "Cloud Aura" below.

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