“Cell Dope” (Video)

    Fans of the Cool Kids no doubt recall that one half of the duo, Mikey Rocks, made his solo debut earlier this year with his The Rocks Report mixtape. And in the following weeks, he promised that another mixtape, Premier Politics, was on its way. Unfortunately, that project never surfaced, probably because he was too busy prepping the Cool Kids’ proper debut, When Fish Ride Bicycles.

    But now that that album is out, Rocks can get back to his solo career, which he’s apparently padding soon with a project called Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe.  He hasn’t revealed when we can expect to hear it, but Special Edition is sounding decidedly Cool Kids-esque (read: icy and laid-back) from the sound of its first leak, “Cell Dope.” It’s a bit darker, though, and shows that, perhaps, these dudes aren’t just good at churning out summery bangers.