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Cat Power: Space Oddity (David Bowie Cover) (Lincoln Commercial)


Two days ago, as I was eating my Cinnamon Toast Crunch and checking the help wanted ads, a strange commercial came on my TV: it sounded like a woman covering David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” and the woman sounded like Chan Marshall aka Cat Power.


It turns out it was Cat Power, and the ad is for Lincoln’s 2009 MKS. The 30 seconds of music in the ad are pretty riveting—here’s to hoping Marshall’s “Space Oddity” ends up on another new covers album. [Pitchfork]  

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Cat Power

boo, bad cover

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I think its a great cover would love to hear the balance of it, reminds of melodic Concrete Blonde, FANTASITC


WtF ??!?! that was a fcking amazing cover. Where can i get the whole song ??

Davy Jones

That cover was terrible. It ruined the masterpiece that Bowie created, and fundamentally altered the image he was trying to portray.

Mike Piergeorge

I liked what I heard, but it's probably just a fragment of a song. She did a fragment of Cat Stevens'


Eat a dick French smug bastard.

Adam Zielinski

grrrrrrrrreat cover would love to own the entire song. wonder where i can find it?


loved what i heard.want it on cd!!!!!


I NEED this song.

Dr. Love

The song was never released as a full length title. Sad I know. The clip is owned by Lincoln.


This is one of the worst covers I've ever heard. Bowie will be rolling in his grave after he kills himself from this awful butchering of his music.

Stink Nugget

Please - if anyone knows where I can find this CD, please write me!!

cathy - south bend, indiana

I don’t know if anyone has let people know about this but, the Bowie cover will not be available anytime in the near future but, there is an EP coming out in December.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/mannya/manny3.jpg mannya

Her songs are melodically unsatisfying to the ear and the timbre of her voice doesn't sit too well with me either. I guess you either love or hate her. For me it will always be the latter.

Churning out cover's of well known songs has frequently been as a sign of : a. running out of new compositions; b. or, in need of some serious $cash$ How boringly unoriginal.


The cover was excellent. A new take on an old classic. Fit's with lincolns new marketing campaign.
I thought it was a very good version, actually one that stands on it's own. Ziggy Stardust was great, but I always thought the original Major Tom was not all that.
As far as cover go... she's getting paid to sing. We aren't. More power too her.




i agree with peirgeorge. bowie made this song and it was amazing when he played it. if lincoln was smart, they would have used the original bowie version, not this peice of crap. now they're not going to sell as many cars. screw them


WOAH! loved it,want it,need it!


Anyone who likes this cover has obviously never heard the one by Natalie Merchant which is far superior.


Anyone who loves music, I mean really loves music, could appreciate this. Yes, there is only 1 Bowie and Space Oddity is a classic, but I really love this cover (forget the commercial) it is different, unique and has a style that I think Bowie would appreciate. I will take a listen to Merchant's version soon, and I'm sure I'll like it. Covers can be original if done well, but with so many wannabes out there - not many true songwriters left.


Hard to tell from the clip, but this certainly doesn't seem to have the re-interpretive brilliance that some of her other (earlier) covers do.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/brandon/216_browser_clut.gif brandon

I can't believe you guys are so critical, she recorded a 30 second cover for an add, she's done it twice before and neither of them are particularly ground breaking. The advertisers are just looking for a specific sound, she's got 30 seconds and probably one session to get the music down then she' gone with a pay cheque. She shouldn't have to change the song at all if the advertisers want the same sound.
It's striking because it is a cover of a familiar song, that's the whole point of it. Using the Bowie original wouldn't have half the effect. You pseudo-baby boomer nostalgics never think things through.


Weak version. Just another anemic, lillith Fair wannabe who snorted some heroine and decided to butcher a classic. Guess Lincoln couldn't afford to pay Bowie for the rights to the original.


Geez! I couldn't get that song out of my head and I've been trying to discover the artist for that Lincoln commercial for the past couple days. FINALLY!!!!! I get my answer. Didn't realize it was a cover song (I'll listen to the David Bowie track). But Cat Power's rendition was riveting enough for me even to search for it on the Net! Hope she puts it out as a single. I'd buy it!


Awesome! I absolutely love it. I Just hate playing a 30 second clip over and over. PLEASE release the full song I'd buy it immediately.


Natalie Merchant's cover sthucks!!!! It sthucks ballthss.


@Feenz, and pretty much everyone else.

Um, Bowie wrote the song so he was getting a paycheck too....

Tobias Funke

All u haters suck if u aren't on a national commercial then u have no effin room to talk. Jealousy is the best complement


Great cover! You guys are never gonna get to blow Bowie, so stop kissin' his ass. Go back to watchin' Dune. Make the whole song, Cat!

Willie Pete

There is no copyright on music there for there is no royalty paid to Bowie for this. Thats why its cheaper to go after cover artist than original. But this is a pretty good version.


WOW. they did Exactly what they were after if half you People Understood Marketing you would get why they did it. its a love hate thing, you will either love it or hate it and either way it compels you.

i loved it, great cover. now just release the whole song and im sold on that too.. and nice car.


that cover sucks the big one. this woman should have all ideas manually removed from her brain lest the listening public be put through more of this auditory torture.


She obviously recorded the whole song and they picked that part to put in the commercial. Of course Bowie's will always be awesome, that's why they make this covers. And this cover sounds pretty good.


Terrible Cover. The original is 10 times better.


She did a cover for Cellular One / AT&T of Blondie's "hanging on the telephone", sadly that's not available either.

I don't think she's done the material previously for herself, rather, she is contracted to do the covers for the ad, thus as property of the manufacturer are unlikely to be released...sad.


Chris, there IS a copyright on music. There are different fees; it's cheaper to get a cover (song rights) than to use Bowie's original (performance rights).


I don't understand why some of you are so mean...just cover your ears and keep your opinions to yourself, it's not like your mean comments will stop Cat Power from singing it! Plus Bowie must have given consent for this and I'm sure he liked it...since it is now playing on a NATIONAL ad for a major brand! She's got a great voice no matter what she sings. So stop hating on her...hating on her is like hating on Bowie for letting her sing it...after all it is his song! Your not paying for the ad so why don't you guys just change the channel if you really hate it...


I found the cover intriguing enough to google. But a cover is just that, A COVER. It's not the original nor is it meant to be in competition with it. That's why Lincoln didn't use the lyric "Your circuit's dead, there's something wrong" Not good for selling cars. Music is beautiful sound. Sound is neither right nor wrong. It just is. That's all. It can be more but it doesn't have to be. CHILL People!


To all you people who seem to hate this cover: how do you know what Bowie wanted? maybe he likes this version more than his own. Maybe you shouldn't be so opinionated. You can just say "I don't really care for this" rather than "this is a piece of sh*t bowie would be rolling in his grave". Live a little, try listening to something post 1980.


I'm a huge fan of the original Space Oddity and Bowie's talent is obvious, but if you cant pull yer head out of your fourth-point-of-contact and just listen to a song and take it for wat it is, theres somethin fundamentaly(sp) wrong w you. Not impressed w the car but would pay for an album if this cover was on it in full.


I LOVE both versions. I would like to buy album. I'm a fan of both Cat Power and David Bowie. Different interpretations, both terrific!

car lady

I believe all you Cat Power haters/hardcore David Bowie fans should be applauding Ms. Marshall, not bashing her. I had never heard this song until I watched Lincoln's TV ad and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to find out who the artist was. Well low and behold my search brought me here and guess what I did next? I bought the original version on iTunes (I would have bought Cat Power's cover if it had been available.) So your beloved David Bowie is now $0.99 wealthier and one fan stronger thanks to Chan Marshall.


I looked up the song and the car so obviously the marketing works. Unfortunately I'll never hear the whole cover because Lincoln won't release it, and the car will likely be dead in a year and the brand not long thereafter.


Licoln is absolutly insane for not releasing the whole version. As soon as I saw it, I ran to the net to find out who recorded it, and to see it again. I never heard of Cat Power/Chan Marshall but I like her now. It just sickens me that I can't download it as an mp3, or see the whole commercial.


I'm going to buy a Lincoln

/site_media/uploads/images/users/tinnitus_photography/profile.jpg tinnitus_photography

How come so few of you are mentioning that she's a total f.cking sell-out?!? The only thing worse than this is her giving music 2 years ago for a Debeers ad. Debeers! One of the f.cking most evil companies ever. She is hot, and the greatest is a great record, but I would tell her right to her face that she's no artist. She's a businessman and will sell out her sh.t to the highest bidder.


*** I don't understand why some of you are so mean.. ***

They're just constipated.


bowie version aside, this cover totally sucks. Even considering different opinions and personal taste, you can tell when someone's just phoning it in and either not talented or just not trying. Disgusting.


HAHA yeah some people just have a stick up their butt. Hence the constipation which leads to abnormal levels of animosity. :D


yeah its a nice song to listen too cause its greaat


I'm going to reopen this thread because I have a very different kind of question.

Didn't David Bowie sell his song rights in 1997? Does that do anything in particular to situations like this one? Doesn't he NO LONGER have a choice who covers his songs? And isn't the trajectory of his music in the hands of WHICHEVER CORPORATION HAS ANY KIND OF VISION OR MOTIVATION TO LUNGE? Do you think this was a dumb move by him? I am curious for different reasons than most; i am not a fan.


It's a GREAT cover! - much better than Bowie's - it's melodic - unlike Bowie's which is just a gruff 'frog' sounding far second!


When it comes to music, no two people have the same identical likes and dislikes. There is NO "good" or "bad" music. If it makes your ass move, then it's good to you. Sometimes I like clean, and instrumentally precise music. Sometimes the more discordant and soulfully chopped up, the better. There is more music that I dislike than there is that I love. I personally prefer to give praise to the musicians I like, rather than try to drag down an artist for creating something I don't consider a masterpiece. I believe that many people just love to hate. Most music libraries, I'm sure, contain both originals and covers. I prefer a world with both. I think many musicians perform covers as a tribute anyways, and most of the original artists experience a resurgence in sales because of new found interest in their older songs. I'm here because I like the cover and was looking for the full version. In the end, who really cares what I think.


I love David Bowie, but this cover of "Space Oddity" was really amazingly beautiful. Many times, tribute bans tend to chop up song, but Cat Power's version was right on, and a perfect update to a classic.

Lady Sorrow

I think that David Bowie's version works for some, and this cover brings his vision to a different group of people. If you don't like it, fine, but you have no reason to be insulting.


It will never be released as a full length song. It was recorded for Lincoln exclusively with permission by David Bowie. The rights still belong to Bowie and he has not given authorization for the cover to be released.


it's not like tried to rap it people. doing a song for a commercial is just that, a commercial. lincoln could of got some jingle singers to do it like a zoom zoom commercials - now imagine that, the zoom zoom guy singing space oddity! do you want that?

i love cat power myself and i specially love her covers because she transforms them completely. she has covered songs i absolutely hate and turned them into some of my favorites.


not really sure what to think. i like both versions....


I Just did a google search for: "Space oddity cover sucks." Glad to see not everyone is a mindless consumer who thinks whatever is forced down your throat is good. This was GOD-AWFUL, her way of breathing heavily sounds so pretentious. I think I've heard this same voice on a Telus mobility christmas commercial, which also pissed me off and makes "Cat Power" seem like even more of a puppet for major corporations.
Some songs dont need to be covered and Space Oddity is one of them.
Whats next Cat?
A Bohemian Rhapsody cover?
You don't have the right to mess with good music and mass-distribute it.
Make a name for yourself, write your own material that is timeless and you wouldn't need to screw with other people's art.


Great Cover. I sincerely wish it were released as single or at least as a song on an album!

bob b

Clemenza, HOW DARE YOU, What do you mean by "forced down your throat". I merely saw this commercial on TV and I found it quite lovely. It was not forced upon me in any way. David Bowie was the one who went to them for a lighter version of his masterpiece. Cat Power did not "mess with good music and mass-distribute it". Bowie hired them to improve his song.



Great song. I really wish they'd release it. I would actually want to buy this single.


David Bowie sold all his rights for a big sum a while back. Dusty Springfield did the same a few years before she died. It's a way some artists have of getting use of the money they rightful earned before they die.

As for the Cat Power cover, I think it's great and if it introduces a whole new generation to Bowie's songwriting, even better. Nothing wrong with covers.

And yes, if some people think the cover sucks, that's their opinion..and like a..holes, we all have them.


I bet people in this thread saying this cover "ruins" the original probably think that Hendrix ruined "All Along the Watchtower."

There's nothing wrong with loving an original version of a song, but there's nothing wrong with appreciating a cover, and a cover doesn't have to sound exactly the same. Dylan would be the first to say he likes Hendrix's cover better than his own rendition. I'm not comparing this singer to Jimi Hendrix...but come on....this cover rocks. I need the full song!


im a big bowie fan, and bowie is all about the music, he's not a selfish prick like the rest of you are.

he's done his fair share of cover songs, and im sure he'll embrace any cover versions of his songs.


Im sure she totally consulted him before making the song #1 because they have to by copyright law #2 Of course he has heard of Cat Power and her music her voice is so unique and amazingly soulful. It would be so amazing if she could make another record of covers. Oh man what if she did a Doors cover !!!! (Tears in eyes from song !)


of course bowie's verison is a million times better because its original duh.. of course there is no need for comparison.
but this cover is one of the best covers i have heard... if only she would do the whole song!!!


i personally enjoyed the cover. some previous comments mentioned that a cover is simply a lack of original material, but i disagree. as a musician myself, i feel that a cover is a tribute to the masterpiece that the original artist created. david bowie's "space oddity" was excellent, and i think that chan marshall (cat power) was enriching an already wonderful song with a new spin. lastly, i would like to note that this song is not the first to be remade for a car commercial. the automobile industry is always taking great older songs and having newer artists put a modern twist on them. any comments? let me know @

-graham elwood


I loved the cover, had no idea it was a cover till I looked it up. I listened to David Bowie's "attempt" at the song, and was not impressed. Nor did I like Natalie Merchant's version, though it was much better than Bowie's. There's chick on YouTube who does it is pretty good. Anyway, wish I could get the whole song from Cat Power...


Gunslinger, David Bowie wrote that song, and recorded it in the 60s, its a masterpiece. The cover (shown above) is great, but considering their times, bowies is better.


Um. Here's a random fun fact: It's not Space Oddity. It's Major Tom, by Peter Schilling, making it the 1983 sequel to Bowie's original song.

Either way, I flippin' want this.


Apparently, she's done two. Woulda been good if I'd checked the video.

Ted Again!

here everyone this should clear everything up..

shiny toy guns Do the Ad..

there is the link for the ad and the information..

The Canadian

Download it from Lincoln's website - click the ad to play it - and look in the lower right corner....


this is space oddity the other version is by shiny toy guns and is different (up for free dl on the lincoln site in the TV ads section btw) i love bowies original version yet I really like this version too. as "chatt" said i see it as a tribute to a masterpiece and not a rip-off or sell-out.
Anyway who cares people who post nasty stuff on things like this only do so because they have the anonymity of the internet to protect them. there the people who walk around everyday life staring at their feet and getting pushed around so then they vent on something like this and put up a tough air where they know they'll never really have to deal with the situation


"Great cover! You guys are never gonna get to blow Bowie, so stop kissin' his ass. Go back to watchin' Dune. Make the whole song, Cat!"



great cover, would love to hear the entire song. i went looking for it and found another great cover by Natalie Merchant check it out.


I've seen that this (Space Oddity) is Cat Power in a couple of places, but it sounds more like Poe to me, especially the inflection and phrasing. Does anyone have proof?


This cover was awesome. Regardless of what some people may think, this cover brought a whole new perspective to the classic by Bowie.

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