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Carlos Santana: "Bang A Gong" f. Gavin Rossdale (T-Rex Cover) (Live On AMAs) (Video)


Enough with the posts about okay performances at the AMAs, and on to posts about how awful Carlos Santana was last night. Because, woof. For reals. Just the worst stuff to be seen above, guys. He apparently has a covers album out where he massacres classic songs, and one of them is a cover of T-Rex's "Bang A Gong" featuring Gavin Rossdale. All of these people are feeling the pain today. This is like getting a tooth pulled by a gorilla who is accompanied by someone who is moaning very loudly and is also trying to make everyone hate the guitar forever. Seriously the worst thing I've heard or seen in many months. Someone needs to pay for this, and it should be the crowd in attendance. Who the hell would clap after this?  


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Carlos Santana

What are you talking about? Carlos kicked ass!


Carlos was great. It was Gavin who gave a pretty amateurish performance - he really didn't look comfortable up there. I think it's just a case of an otherwise good singer picking a song that is wrong for him. His wife probably would have done better.


hey love gavin rossdale more than anyone, but, hello you can only sound excellent on your own songs, why you didn't create something NEW w/Santana. shXX, and kissing him too, oh god.


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