Considering what today is — April Fools LULZ — I’m still calling bullshit on Kid Cudi’s Tumblr posts indicating that he has chosen to stop smoking weed. But you know what, if he decides to quit…then good for him, I guess. If not, whatevs, it’s not really our business until he gets arrested for it or something.


    For now, let’s just focus on his new track, “Capcom.” It’s rumored to be off his forthcoming A Man Named Scott mixtape, which he promises will feature more rapping than singing. With that in mind, I can understand why people think “Capcom” will end up on there. He’s rapping and only rapping on the track’s verses while the hook showcases some improved singing chops from Cudi. These aren’t best rhymes I have heard from the Cleveland native, though his flow is pretty fluid. I really can’t complain that much anyway when the beat sounds as good as this.


    Stream “Capcom” below.


    Kid Cudi – Capcom by Hypetrak


    [East Exclusives]