“CameraBuggin” (Ru Remix)

    Morgan Spurlock’s forthcoming documentary, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, deals with branding, advertising, and product placement, aka three things that have grown increasingly annoying and deserve some insight. And apparently one of our favorite rappers, Big Boi, is set to make a cameo in the film — you can watch its trailer here. But instead of just having the Outkast MC appear on screen, Spurlock and his crew wanted him in the soundtrack credits, too. They enlisted Ruwanga Samath, aka Ru, to remix Big Boi’s “Shutterbugg” with Matt and Kim’s “Cameras” to create “CameraBuggin.” Typically, blends can be the absolute worst and nothing can replace the original G-funk grooves of “Shutterbugg.” But this works pretty well.


    Stream the remix at FADER.