“Call Of Duty (Modern Warfare 3)” F. Mobb Deep

    If you follow Jay Electronica on Twitter, then you, too, have hit the refresh button time and time again in anticipation of his new track, “Call of Duty (Modern Warfare 3).” You have also watched as the elusive MC has announced the goings-on of what has turned into a collaborative joint with Mobb Deep. He originally reached out to Prodigy, one half of the Queens duo, to appear on the hook.

    But to Jay’s surprise, apparently both Prodigy and Havoc showed up. We can definitely dig it and maybe, just maybe, this is a sign that Jay’s ready to release Act II. Please? Dude’s been talking about putting the finishing touches on it lately with producer/engineer Young Guru and, seriously, it’s about time we finally get to hear it. OK, enough babbling, you can listen to “Call of Duty” below.