“Call Me Up” (Video) (Prefix Premiere)

    Today, Canadian duo and Islands side project The Magic released a video for their single “Call Me Up” off their debut album Ragged Gold. Featuring vocals by live collaborator Sylvie Smith, the drum machine-propelled track laments a lover who can’t get his act together enough to pick up the phone or sustain a meaningful relationship. The video follows a similar trajectory, as Smith does a “walk of shame” home from a night with presumably the same dude. Although there isn’t too much going on in terms of plot or action, director/editor Sean Michael Turrell punches up the video with interesting visuals and post production flourishes, including some cool color grading, double exposures and numerous lens flares. It also doesn’t hurt that Smith is in almost every shot. 

    The song is a concise, yet interesting pop cut with fairly diverse instrumentation. While Smith’s vocals are the centerpiece, the track is fleshed out with funky synthesizer and bursts of saxophone and horns which punctuate the bridges and choruses. 

    Watch the video below:

    The Magic – ‘Call Me Up’ from Half Machine on Vimeo.