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Busdriver: "Werner Herzog" Ft. Open Mike Eagle & Nocando

On the heels of his gratuitous Argument With Dreams EP, Busdriver and friends Open Mike Eagle and Nocando have released the video for "Werner Herzog." In typical Busdriver fashion, he and his crew call out anyone that wants to diss on their cinematic allegory while addressing the follies of film school with some cynical, yet impressive, humor. Lines like, "Make you eat a crepe filled with chia pet dander / And I always stay on the set with cameras / I go Herzog, n*gga you dead like Dirt Dog," and "I'm smart like lucky kids that get born to smart parents / That feed 'em locally grown farmer's market cart carrots / I eat fair trade cheese and fart fairness," show the track's lighter side, however.  Arguments With Dreams is still available for free download via Big Dada Recordings. Catch the video for "Werner Herzog" below. [2DBZ]

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