Brustreet (Track Review)

    Last year I would have bet you quite a bit that the Springsteen love saturating the music calendar would have surely abated by now. I mean, by the time current artists got around to exhuming 90’s fare like "The Streets of Philadelphia," you’d think that shark should have been easily cleared, no? But here we are, and I’ll be damned if the hazy electro cover of that song that’s begun circling the blogosphere doesn’t sound unimpeachably dreamy.  The artist in question,  Salem,  is a bit of a question mark. They’re affiliated  with the small Houston, TX label Disaro and are proprietors of a snowblind MySpace page that’s very short on detail. Their original songs are very much Silent Shout informed, but on this minimal reimagining of Bruce’s Oscar bid, their singer sounds like Bilinda Butcher did on the few occasions when Kevin Shields’ guitar wasn’t the focus of a My Bloody Valentine song. The earnest sap of the source material is completely drained, leaving only vague suggestions of melody and a warped, limping beat. If the song was once an empathic ballad for those slowly dying, this sounds like a lingering echo from a life already snuffed.